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Packaged Soap

What the Iff Wellness

How We Got Our Start

In 2021, while prepping some soap to give out as handcrafted gifts at Christmas, we began toying with the idea on how much fun it was creating something simple that people would love. After that one, simple idea, it was like the floodgates had flung open and the ideas just started pouring in throughout the night and the next few days about what else we could do to help people. 

What else could we do to affect people's physical, mental, and spiritual wellness? We thought about some of the causes of those struggles and what lifestyle changes could help our community flourish as individuals. We wish we could show you the notebooks worth of pages filled with ideas that we had written out. It was as if our calling in this world had sprung out from our souls and landed on those pages.

And so, What The Iff Wellness was born that night.

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