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100 Years of Fat Shaming

Weight and outer appearance has been a selling point for a very long time.

This is an Ad from “Woman Beautiful Magazine” in 1908. It’s been over a century that women have been told that their waste line needs to be thinner and their fat “drawn away”.

How much money has been made by telling women that they need to be thinner? If we started this damage over 100 years ago, what is it going to take to reverse this thought process?

It starts with you.

We must change this concept that fat is something to be ashamed of. Whatever size your waste is, thick or thin, you are beautiful. Let’s not go another century with this downward spiraling mindset that beauty lies on the surface of the skin.

Do some research of your own to see other Advertisements throughout the last 100 years. You will see the damage that has been created. Post something on Instagram to shed light on the issue and tag us so we can re-share!

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