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AM/PM Routines

I posted about this on our social media this week about AM/PM Routines, and how hard it is to commit to them or complete them every morning and night.

I KNOW if I could commit to an AM/PM routine, that it would make a huge difference in my life, and my overall health.

I am going to list out an ideal morning and nightly routine that I could dream of and we would love if you shared back some things that would be on your list! Maybe we can do a group on our website one day that we can help hold each other accountable for the routines, and chat about how our weeks are going with and without the routines!




Brush Teeth

Brush, Floss, Whiten Teeth

Wash face and Moisturize

Work out for 30-45 mins

Spent 15-20 mins for prayer, meditation, & quiet time.

Dry Brush

Plan dinner early and lay out food if needed.

Shower & Moisturize

Daily Smoothie/ Juice

Moisturize face and Gua Sha/ Jade Roll

​Vitamins/ Supplements

Vitamins/ Supplements

Weekly @ Night

Epsom Salt Bath

Scalp Oil & ​Wash hair

Face mask / Hair Mask

Self Tanner a couple time /week.

These are just to list a the bulk of things, and in no certain order. I would also like to be better about journaling, stretching/ yoga, making a weekly meal plan and grocery list. I just believe committing to this routine, or routines like this, would help me feel so much better. I would love to work better with my time management in general. This is something I will always be in pursuit of! I will be keeping you posted along the way, and home that you join me! Don't forget to share what your routine already is or what you'd like for it to look like!



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