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DIY Carpet Powder

Hey friends! I am switching it up a little. I have lots of deep and serious thoughts that I love sharing with you all, but that is not all that I want to share! I am really into natural alternatives, cleaning, organizing, etc.

As some of you may know, we are expecting a baby girl soon, and as I was vacuuming the other day I noticed the smell coming from the vacuum smelt a little like dog. Our house doesn't smell this way... and even when you smell the carpet it doesn't smell this way either, but to know that the smell is coming up from our carpet, I had to start doing som research before our baby girl was crawling around on our carpeted areas one day!

I didn't want something that was toxic or was just a smell to cover up, I wanted something to actually clean my carpet too. It's not realistic to have your carpet cleaned all the time, and it's actually very toxic the chemicals used to clean carpet.

I came across a recipe online for my very own carpet cleaner, AND it smells good too!


1 Cup- Borax

1 Cup- Baking Soda

15-20 Drops- Tea Tree Essential Oil

20-25 Drops- Lavender Essential Oil

You can use an old shaker of any kind, or a mason jar like I did and poke holes in the top!

*I would be careful to not use a colored esssential oil incase you have a bright colored carpet.

See below for how this works!

-Borax, clean of chlorine and phosphates. Helps to remove odors, and lift stains (if mixed properly). Borax also removes dust mites, and you can spinkle it into your carpet, mattress, pillows, etc.

-Baking soda is also natural and great for removing odor.

-Tea Tree oil and its antimicrobial properties make it a great natural odor eliminator of home- based bacteria.

-Lavender oil helps with odors, and is also natural. I love using Lavender because it smells so good and refreshing.

This mixture is great because the fine powder sinks to the bottom of the carpet and works to neutralize odors and refresh your carpet.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have tried this before and what you did differently!



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