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Fireman's Pasta Casserole

I know what you're thinking... that is not healthy looking.

BUT, we substituted the pasta for wheat pasta and low fat cheese. We also use a lean meat instead.

Sometimes wellness for our house is about being simple and not complicated.

My man brought this recipe home from the firehouse because it feeds a lot of people!

Ingredients :

-1lb of lean beef

-1lb of breakfast sausage

-Garlic powder salt, pepper, chili i flakes, and Italian seasoning.

-3/4 Jar of marinara sauce

-1 block of cream cheese

-1 bag of wheat noodles


-Cook the meats together and add in seasoning

-Once meat is cooked, add in marinara sauce

-Chop block of cream cheese to add in and stir in with meat and sauce

-Add in already cooked noodles

-Add low fat Italian cheese to the top and pop it in the oven on 350 for about 7mins.

Keep in mind, this recipe is coming from a man who is not a chef but a fireman so if there are any details left out, or you have any questions, please reach out!

As notes above, this will feed a lot of people or a couple people for a couple of days!

Enjoy, and let me know your thoughts!



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