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Homemade Holidays

The price of everything has gone up... gas, groceries, gifts, rent, utilities... it seems like everything except our salary. How can we still have something to bring to that Christmas party, or for a friend. How can we afford to bring something to the family Christmas?! Other than budgeting and setting boundaries, as discussed in the blog post earlier release last weekend titled, "Holidays & Family Traditions".

I wanted to share some homemade gift ideas below that could be helpful and handy for the holidays as gifts. These gift ideas were inspired from google, and Pinterest. I don't have the room to do the "how tos" on all of them, but you can find them on those resources. This post is to just simply remind you that homemade gifts are an option and some ideas for you to look up!

  • Cookie Mix in Jar

  • Candle made from Thrifted Canister

  • Coffee Mug Mixers

  • Bath Salts with Herbs and Essential Oils

  • Filled Glass Ornaments

  • Felt Ornaments

  • Salt Dough Ornaments

  • Paint/ Cookie cutter tea towels

  • Sugar Scrub

  • Chunky Knit Blanket

  • Flavored Salt Gift Set

  • Recipe Box with Recipes

  • Christmas Tree made of Tea Bags

  • Homemade Jam

  • Bath Bombs or Vapor Cubes

  • Cookies or Brownies

  • Tye-Die Canvas Bag

  • Embroidered Cloth Napkins

  • Handmade Soap

  • Hand Painted Candle Holder

  • Pressed Flowers

  • Small Plants or Succulents

  • Fluff Ball Keychain

  • Wind Chimes made of Keys

  • Ornament made of Vintage Doilies

  • Coasters

  • Macrame

  • Holiday Wreaths


We are curious if have any ideas to share, or if you are going to try out any of these ideas. If you do any of them take a picture and post it on your story and tag us on instagram or facebook!


We have to get back to the true reason of Christmas. It's important to enjoy our family, play games, read, watch movies, create and live out old traditions. Put our phones away and visit. It's time that we quit leaving Christmas parties with a bunch of stuff that we don't need or that we are going to add to the "re gifting bag" for the next holiday party. The stress, overwhelm, overspending is no longer worth our energy. Make an intentional effort to leave a Christmas party full of memories, love, care, tradition, and heart full of joy.

I hope that you can find joy in the smallest of things and memories this season. Grab some hot coco, lots of blankets, and go sit in your front yard and stare at Christmas lights or drive through a lighting experience. Light a fire, and soak in all that the holidays are rather than wasting money, gas, and energy that we don't have shopping around until we break... financially, emotionally, mentally, physically.

Please enJOY your holidays!

With love,


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