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I'll do it tomorrow...


When was the last time you said, "I'll do it tomorrow"? I said it yesterday, then again today.

As I am sitting on the couch writing this, my feet are propped up on my coffee table, Gilmore Girls is playing in the background, I'm drinking an energy drink after the 6 cups of coffee I already had today. My water bottle is laughing at me in the corner.

My point, you ask? Let me take you back a couple weeks ago. My boyfriend and I decided to sell our current home and upgrade to make room for our future family growth and to get out of the current area that we live in. I also go to school full time, take care of everyday errands, work a full time job, and run a wellness business alongside my partner. My mother is getting married, so I am planning her bridal shower, my little brother is getting married, and a close friend is having a baby soon. All of this to say, I am busy. So, when we decided to sell our house, I made a promise to myself to get really organized in my planner, drink plenty of water instead of caffeine and try to balance my life so that stress wouldn't pour out of me like a waterfall. Then, promptly after I decided this, I got busy and said to myself, "I'll drink less coffee tomorrow. Today, I am tired and need to press on". I have had the same water bottle for 3 days. I am watching Netflix in the background of everything I do and my brain is so packed full of things to do that it may explode. Where I am usually writing in my planner daily, its just become a heavy weight inside my bag. At least I am getting my exercise carrying around all that weight, right? ....Wrong. As a side effect to all the chaos, I have dismissed the promises that I made to myself. As I think about this, I am thinking about how breaking a promise to myself is the gateway drug that opens the door to breaking promises to other people. Wow. That hit hard. I never want to be seen as unreliable or someone that won't follow through with something that I set out to do. However, this mentality that "I'll do it tomorrow" has started to weave it's way into my subconscious. Now, without even thinking, I sit in front of the T.V. a little longer, my to do list stacks up to the size of Mt. Everest, and I end up being so stressed out that I can't think straight.

The Bottom Line:

Going forward, I am going to stop breaking promises to myself. I think of myself as someone that doesn't deserve to be let down. I am the last person I will break a promise to, not the first. I am important. I am the only one that can make the decision to not put it off a day, or two, or three.

"Today" is the "tomorrow" that I referred to yesterday. Read that again and get started on the things you've put off!

Journal Prompt:

What is one thing that you've been putting off? Why? How long would it take you to finish? Is it possible to "stack your life", meaning do the thing you've putting off while you do something else on your list. For example, you love reading books or watching netflix, but really need to work out. Could you listen to an audio book or listen to your favorite T.V. show while going for a walk?


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