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It's Christmas! Let's Live in the "Present"!

Whew!!! Christmas is finally here. We made it. All of the running around, money spent, cooking, preparing, decorating, and more is finally being fully enjoyed as one experience.

With it being Christmas day, I don't want to take up too much of your time with a long blog. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you to take it all in, and give yourself grace when and if things are not perfect.

Let's take a look at our 5 senses and see how we can utilize them to enjoy Christmas day to the fullest, and live in the "present"

As you may already know, the 5 senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

I want to challenge you to bring your 5 senses into the picture as much as you can today. Why? You ask?

Using your 5 senses and keeping them at the forefront of your mind is an excellent way to stay in the moment. To live in the "present" moment. It take us out of our head, away from our to do lists, and into our body and the present moments. Recalling our senses helps us to slow down and take in the way things smell, taste, sound, feel, and how they are seen.

If this is hard for you, as it is a lot of folks, don't worry! That is normal! We live in a very fast paced and distracting environment! I have made a list below for you to think about on this day to help you slow down and be in the present moment.






Christmas candles (apple, cinnamon, pine, fir)

Christmas dinner

Christmas Tree

​Christmas music in the background

The new blanket you've been gifted

Food cooking in the oven

Desert (brownies, cookies, pies)

Christmas decorations; lights

Kids playing and laughing

The warmth of the fireplace

​The new lotion or perfume you've been gifted

Cider, wine, cocktails, or even just your favorite soda or flavored water

Your family bumping into each other in the kitchen as they plate their meal

The annoying sound of your children's new toys (enjoy it, it will only last for a few years)

Your family hugging you hello, good bye, and in between. Soak in those hugs.

The nostalgic smell of your family's home you grew up in

Candy Cane

Watching your loved ones open gifts, and stockings

The family talking and catching up

The feel of the new lotion you received, or the carefully wrapped package your mom spent the extra time wrapping.

I hope that these ideas listed above can help bring you back to the present moment, and help you slow down enough to enjoy even the smallest of things. Life is short. We have all spent over a month to make sure Christmas goes a certain way, now it is time to enjoy all of the work we have put in, enjoy our family, and all of the things in between.

Merry Christmas, and the warmest of holidays from the inside out,

Mak <3

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