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Self Care Strategies- Weekly Keys Journal Entry

Weekly Keys Writing Prompt: What self care strategies have you used in the past? Rate them from 1-10, 1 being the least effective or helpful and 10 being the most. What self care strategies are you most interested to do?


For me, self care starts with my beliefs. When I am able to believe in something or someone bigger than myself, it reminds me that I am only so much in control and that not everything, and every decision is up to me. Praying and meditation, reading the Bible, remind me that I am not alone and that God and the universe is working in my favor. It truly gives me peace to know that ALL decisions, and the future are not completely up to me no matter how much I try to control it or the outcome. I would rate this method of self care a 10.

Another method I turn to for self care is yoga, or walking/jogging. Yoga makes me slow down physically and mentally, allowing me to just breathe and unify with my body. Walking and Jogging also helps me get out of my head, and get my blood pumping. Any type of exercises that helps me move, sweat, breathe, are important for my mental and physical health, which is huge for self care. Due to always feeling better after completing physical activities, I rate this a 10.

A few other at home self care methods I enjoy are things like face masks, hair masks, a bubble or epsom salt bath, shaving my legs, moisturizing my face and body after a shower or bath, dry brushing, using a jade roller or gua sha stone. Just things that soley focus on me and caring for my body.

Realistically, it's hard to fit these things in as regularly as I would like but when I do I always feel like a QUEEN. Rating these self care methods a 9.

I also enjoy getting my nails done, getting my hair done, getting a massage. Although these things make me feel like a new woman, they can be expensive. I believe you can achieve self care for little to no cost at all. I rate these things a 7.

Spending time with friends and family is so nourishing for the soul. Do you ever spend time with your mom, or catch up with a friend, and walk back to your car with a subtle smile? I do! I rate it a 9.

Lastly, my dad has always told me when you're feeling icky about yourself, "Do something for someone else." But wait, Mak, this is "Self Care." Yes! It's true! Doing something for someone else, picking up groceries, making dinner for someone who is sick, volunteering, can in fact boost your mood, and contributes to your personal self care. Hard to explain, but try it out! You'll see! I rate this a 9.

I loved working on this journal entry from Victoria and getting the opportunity to share my opinions and personal experiences with you!

I encourage you to grab a pen and paper, or whatever your preference, and take 10mins to reflect on this!

We would love to know your thoughts and what you enjoy for self care!



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