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Sulforaphane= Aging Backwards

Recently, I made a social media post sharing the benefits of Sulforaphane and letting you all know that I would share the details soon on a blog post!

This information is going to want to have you at your nearest Farmers Market buying Broccoli sprouts in no time!!

I want to make the claim that WTIFF are not health care providers or advisors. We simply share things that we learn and want to share with you all! Please, always, do you own research and speak to your health care provider if you have any questions. <3


In Thrive Magazine by Maranda Pleasant, I recently read an article by Mark Hyman, NYTimes bestselling author, family physician, and international leader in Functional Medicine, that will change the way I look at cruciferous veggies for ever! I just wanted to share a few take-a-ways from the article and how I want to start implementing them into my life a little at a time!

Let's dive in!

"Sulforaphane is a sulfer-containing phytochemical in cruciferous veggies like brocoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, bok choy, brussels sprouts, and mustard plant. Sulforaphane is a potent bioactive molecule that binds to Nuclear factor- erythroid factor 2 related factor 2 (Nrf2), a transcription factor that tells our genes to make antioxidants in response to a stressor." -Dr. Mark Hyman

Here is the trick though, it has to be broken down from its precursor, glucoraphanin... which needs the helper of myrosinase, an enzyme from cruciferous veggies.

I know, I know... "Mak!! How does this help me with not aging?!?!"

Stay with me.

Have you heard of Glutathione? "The master antioxidant" It is the single most important molecule to stay healthy and prevent disease. "It helps protect our DNA and cells from free radicals, oxidative stress, infections, and cancer."

Sulforaphane is the chemical that helps us to produce more GTH (Glutathione).

"Studies support Sulforaphane as an effective treatment for improving clinical outcomes of in neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and multiple sclerosis" Also in this article he talks about how it's helped with mood disorders like schizophrenia!

I have learned that broccoli sprouts are the most concentrated source of sulforaphane! 2oz of broccoli sprouts = a quarter pound of broccoli.

How am I going to get the Green of the Gods more regularly?! Haha!

No, really... I only have a couple of ideas and I need help and feedback!

Other than supplementing with a bioavailable glucoraphanin supplement, I'd love to get to my local Farmers Market and start adding them to my sandwiches and salads.

I know that I can make broccoli more often, but to get the nutrient value, I need to make sure to steam it rather than cook it. Which, I don't have many ideas with steamed broccoli recipes other than eating it as a side.

I found a few recipes for broccoli sprout smoothies.... I may try this out and share the recipe. If I find any good recipes for broccoli or cruciferous veggies, I will share through our recipe blog... but please don't hold back if you know any!



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