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"Summer Body"

Updated: May 1, 2022

What is a Summer body to you? Have we ever just thought that a Summer body is any "body" that enjoys the Summer? A body that puts on a swimsuit... that fits the body we have have today. A body that goes to the pool or lake to swim or float. A body that soaks in tanning oil or sunscreen. A body with razor bumps, stretch marks, freckles, moles, dimples, and hair.

Your body is just as valuable, and worthy of soaking in the Summer rays as the next body. To make changes to our body, we MUST come from a place of love for our body. How we nurture, feed, and water our body. How we speak to and about ourselves. How we look in the mirror.

Hey, I get it. It's HARRDDDD to go out to the lake and love your body when these cheeky and thong bikinis are on trend. I'll be trying to just enjoy my body, and my boyfriend at Party Cove, and everywhere I look.... ASS. I am all about it, no judgement of them, just myself for not having a Summer body "like that".

My mind and self talk start to creep in. I am uncomfortable, uneasy, and insecure. I was talking to Heather the other day about it and I said, "Can everybody just hold off on the cheeky and thong swim suits until I'm ready?!" Haha We laughed as if that was a real question... and then discussed how so many women may feel this way.

It's this struggle between wanting to be healthy and fit, but also learning how to love our bodies in all seasons, and all phases of life. To still smile and be kind to the girls and women who have put in the work or don't have the same struggles.

I suppose my point of this blog is to let you know that you are not alone. That you are worthy of receiving love from others and especially from yourself... no matter what you look like. We all have our battles and different struggles. As summer is upon us, yes try to make “healthy” decisions, but please for yourself and the women around you, be mindful and intentional with how you speak to yourself and about others.

Every time you look in the mirror, no matter what you feel, love yourself into a new way of thinking. Because ultimately, you can not make lifelong wellness changes for your body from a place of hate and shame. Pick out the things you LOVE about yourself, and stand firm in that. Strive to always be better than you were the day before in some way, but be confident in who you are and what you look like today. Throw on a swim suit, that fits your body, and get out there! Soak up the sun, live your life, be free from the constant critic in your head. You deserve to lay back, close your eyes, and feel the sun on your skin without worrying about how you look. Enjoy this body, be grateful for this body, you only have one life to live. Don't let your body get in the way, baby girl!

ILY <3,


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