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Veggie Bake and Shredded Chicken

Sometimes we aren't looking to put a whole recipe together, and we just want to throw something healthy and savory on our plate!

As you all will get to know me you will learn more about me like, my man is a fireman, so a lot of nights I am cooking for 1, and I am a sucker for EASY! :D

This recipe has plenty to feed a family of 3-4 or leftovers for the next day or two!

What you need:



-Yellow onion

-Sweet potato

-Rotisserie chicken


-Wash and chop all of your veggies

-Once chopped, throw in a bowl with your choice of a dollop of butter and seasonings

-Sprinkle across a cookie sheet

-Bake on 400 for 20mins.

-Debone and shred 1/2 of the rotisserie chicken

You can throw a bag of Uncle Ben's rice of choice with this, and when you're done, it's a super easy recipe to meal prep and put into containers for lunch!

I love fresh, healthy, and easy options like this!

Please let us know if you have anything like this that you throw together! We would love to give it a try and feature it on our recipe blog!



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