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Weekly Keys Journal Entry- "If you were book..."

Weekly Keys Promt: "If you were book, what kind of book/section would you be located in your local bookshop? And why?" "What is your go to genre of book? And why?"


This is a cool prompt. Not super serious, and light hearted!

Okay! If I was a book, the type of book that I would be would be either a self help/ self development book, or a natural healing book.

First off, I love all books. Not always whats in them, but there is something about holding a book in your hand, feeling the pages as you flip through them, seeing the illustrations of there are any, smelling it, especially an old book. Weird fact about me, when I go to an estate sale or library I will pick up an old book, open it, and put my nose in it. I loveeee the smell of an old book. I close my eyes and imagine who or when this book was opened last.... when it was first opened.

Anyways, back to topic, I pick self development books because I have learned and shared SOO much out of books like this that have truly helped my life or others around me. These types of books have given me a different perspective to my behaviors, patterns, and to my initial thinking. They have offered me a new way of being, and living. These types of books have given me insight to how others are and how to look at them with more understanding eyes than before.

The natural healing books are so interesting to me. Natural healing has been around for years. It is not a new concept. This is how is all started before pharmaceuticals took over. I am all about using medicine as a last resort, and I am grateful for medicine. I just believe that there are other, healthier ways to care for our bodies more naturally, first. I love to keep an assortment of these types of books, old and new, and when I get sick or anything, I will research through these books, and it usually helps so much if not heals me completely. If I do have to take meds, starting with the natural approach helps me get better quicker, rather than waiting several days or weeks for relief.

I can't wait to read up on what some of the books and book sections you would be! It definitely brings to light your personality and as there are no right or wrong answers, makes for a fun journal prompt!

Until next time, friends!



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