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Weekly Keys Journal Entry-What are ways you find release?

I find release mostly in yoga, and prayer/ meditation. I would say mostly because these activities actually require me to release and let go. When I am practicing in yoga, I let go of my day, my to dos, and I come back to the things I CAN control like my body and breath. most classes are about 90 mins long, and when class is hard, or I feel like I want to run out of the room, it is a great opportunity for me to practice stillness, and staying through the uncomfortable. As my body and breath continue, my mind is forced to surrender and release.

Prayer and meditation is helpful because I know that during these times I am actively submitting my mind, body, and spirit to a higher power. I am trusting that the that God and the universe are all working together for my greater good. This helps me to release control over circumstances.

I am curious about what you do for release?



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