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Weekly Keys Journal Entry-Which do you prefer, sunrise or sunset?

Truly, I LOVE both a sunrise and sunset. This was definitely something I had to pause and think on for a few minutes.

To me a sunrise signifies a fresh new start. It doesn't matter how crappy the day was before, what your finances look like, your relationships, your career, etc.

It's like, taking that first sip of coffee or tea, and saying "Okay, world. It's a new start to another 24 hours. The day is yours to do what you want with it. To make it a good day regardless the struggles or obstacles. An opportunity to start new and fresh.

Now, the sunset is lovely to me because it's such a wonderful reminder that the day has come to an end... no matter what you made of it. No matter if you cussed someone out and shouldn't have, you lost your job, or you're in an argument with a loved one... the sunset shows you that the day has come to an end... and you made it it through that day no matter how rough it was.

Okay, okay! What's my favorite? I would have to say sunrise! When the coffee hits, and the birds are singing, the coolness or crisp in the air. That feeling of "I've got this." The opportunity to make something great. The last day taken away with the beautiful sunset to show that even the end of a bad day can be beautiful, but nothing like waking up with sunrise to remind you of a fresh start.

Take a moment, think about it! Maybe you don't write about it today. Try sitting on your porch, setting your phone down, and watching the sun set. Then in the morning, grab your morning joe, and head back out to your porch. Again, no need to check Insta or Facebook... just sit and look at the sunrise. Use your senses to smell, listen, look, feel the cooler morning air. Take a few deep breaths.

Then write your weekly keys!



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