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20 ct. Pyramid Tea Bags

20 ct. Pyramid Tea Bags

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These easy to fill and seal pyramid tea bags are made from plant based material (sugar cane, corn or abaca) which are both commercially compostable and biodegradable. 


There are two different bags the Woven and Non-Woven. 

The Woven: Thread is made from the plants and the thread is then woven on a large loom (not unlike a cotton material). The woven material is clear and shows off the teas.

The Non- Woven: The fibers of the plants are made in a process similar to making paper. The material is opaque and does not ‘show-off’ the luxury tea in the same manner as woven material.

String+Tag: Both the string and tag are made purely of plant-based and compostable materials.

  • Directions

    Take 1-2 teaspoons of tea from the container and place it inside the teabag. 

    Once the tea is inside the tea bag, you can close the top of the teabag and roll it a couple of times to seal the bag. 

    Place the tea bag into the cup, pour hot water, and steep the tea per directions on the tea bag container.  

  • Safety

    The teabags are meant to be steeped in hot water and not ingested/ for consumption. 

    To avoid any choking hazards from the loose leaf tea you will be putting in the bags, properly close and roll the bags, and inspect the tea before consuming. 

    Strain your tea a second time if you see any tea filaments floating or settled at the bottom. 

    If you have too many difficulties sealing the tea bags, we recommend you try a tea infuser as they are a little more user-friendly. 

  • Ingredients

    Tea bags consist of sugar cane, corn or abaca fibers and are woven together. 

  • Returns

    Returns are based on a case to case basis.

    Please refer to our "Return/Exchange Policy" under our "About" tab on our website for more information.

  • Shipping

    Enjoy free shipping on orders $75 or more or low rate shipping on orders under $75. Shipping will be estimated based on the destination and weight of the order. 

    UPS: 5-8 business days 

    Processing Time: 1-3 days.

  • Benefits

    Our pyramid tea bags are plant-based, plastic-free, and compostable, which is how we think they should be. Tea is meant to be enjoyed together, naturally. Natural tea goes in natural tea bags. There are no overprocessed chemicals to concern yourself with while you sip your cups of tea.

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