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Meet The Team

Lets Get Personal.

The foundation of What the Iff Wellness has come from our founding members' exceptional talent and true passions. As the heart of what we do, our desires and personal interests drove us to create this cumulation of wellness resources with our clients in mind. Please read below to get to know us a little more. We would love to answer any questions you might have.

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Victoria Gash



Zodiac Sign: Leo 

Element: Fire

Degrees and Accomplishments:

Associates Degree in General Studies (2018)

Bachelors Degree in Business Marketing (Graduation: Dec 2023)

Personal Background:

​An "on the fly" bio is way more my lane. I am notorious for only having one speed, mine (lol), a very "let's try it and if it doesn't work, we will brush ourselves off and try something else" kinda woman. While my zodiac element might be fire, I am permanently attached to the pool or any major body of water during the warmer months. I have a year and a half old corgi named Darci (with her brother on the way, Watson) I would love to introduce yall and bring them both to shows and meet ups.

Reading/self-education is my obsession (no really, you should see the number of books I have on my bookshelf. There aren't nearly enough if you ask me, but my sisters think it’s borderline ridiculous). 

What Inspires me:

Art and music are two of my most inspirational elements. ​Understanding the creative process that people go through. The emotions and feelings, the things life throws at them to put them in a space to create their art. I love experiencing that. I also feel like music and art connect people. You can listen to a song, old or new and it completely transports you to a specific time and place in your life, gives you a fresh perspective, I get inspired through people’s experiences and life lessons. I miss the days of a good storyteller, weaving a story through their voice, eyes, smile, and body language/ hand gestures. Music and art are just another way to experience all those things. It’s the artist’s story. It’s a way we stay connected through the ages.

Why did I want to start this business:

Starting a wellness business was never my intention until I realized that more people need the support to get through their hang-ups, insecurities, the things that they see negatively about themselves, and not knowing where to start to change that viewpoint. To me wellness isn’t a matter of “fixing yourself”, it’s about recognizing your beauty in the way that you’re built. 10 years ago, people that did not fit the “beauty standards” were not celebrated nor recognized as something to be desired or appreciated, and with the fashion industry changing a size 10 into a size 6 has severely affected the self-confidence level of every girl/woman and man that struggles to fit the status quo of what “attractive” looks like. I am here to tell you that societal standards should not be what you hold your self-worth up to and you sure as heck shouldn’t allow it to affect your mental or emotional health. At What the Iff Wellness we are wanting to break those boundaries and create a new image of what your wellness looks like. What makes you happy? What level of health creates a version of yourself that you feel like you can take on the world in? Lets get there together. 


Heather Brooke


Zodiac Sign: Capricorn 

Element: Earth

Degrees and Accomplishments:

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200).

Associates Degree in Communications (2015)

Bachelors Degree in Education (Graduation: Dec 2022)

Personal Background:

I have two kitties. I do not have kids yet, so they get spoiled. I am currently going back to college to finish my teaching degree in hopes to one day teach high school English. I love to write, read and take photos in my free time. I am truly interested in biomechanics(the science of movement) and I love to nerd out and grow my knowledge so I can share with my students.

When I went to yoga school, we talked about where we wanted our certification to take us. Some women wanted to teach and others wanted to simply grow their own understanding. For me, I wanted to do both. I love that yoga is for everyone. There are so many different outlets: yoga for exercise, relaxation, just for fun, anxiety, PTSD, depression, digestion, prenatal, kids, dance, and the list goes on and on. I loved that I could seriously help people in so many different ways while also consistently sharpening my own understanding. When you hear that yoga is for the mind, body, and spirit - it is so true. Yoga is such a broad term.  

What Inspires me:

Have you ever been to a concert or festival... or maybe just a crowded cafe and truly looked around at everyone? I have. It’s so inspiring to know that everyone is so different. I love that everyone has their own likes, dislikes, beliefs, friend circles, careers, etc. Also, I love that everyone in this world is connected whether we realize it or not. One person that you can impact today can significantly impact someone else that you may never even meet. That is so truly inspiring to me.

Why did I want to start this business:

I have an extreme passion for whole body Wellness. Mental health connects to physical health connects to spiritual health. They are all interconnected. Over the years, I have seen both men and women struggle with outer-appearance, inner strength and finding an outlet to be themselves. I wanted to create a space for people where they can be uniquely their own, work on goals, get support, find helpful tips, and be apart of a community. What The Iff Wellness is so special to me. 

Questions for one of our team members? Simply reach out, we’re happy to help.

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89E7F80B-621A-4476-84D3-DA26D77A5629 - Makaela Thompson_edited_edited.jpg

Makaela Jordon

Senior Content Writer

Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Element: Earth & Water

Degrees and Accomplishments: 
Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200)

SNAP_20210425-141508 - Destiny Holdman_edited.jpg

Destiny Holdman

Senior Content Writer

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Element: Water

Degrees and Accomplishments:
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dramatic Writing and a Minor in Psychology

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