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Body Bloom Product Review


Star Rating: 5 Stars


If you have had issues with bloating, digestive health, acne, finding time to take vitamins and more, this post is for you!

Body Bloom has CHANGED MY LIFE! I was constantly feeling bloated, Never drinking water consistently, not taking my vitamins and my acne was worse than ever (especially due to wearing a mask consistently). I recently quit biting my nails this year as well and my nails had been Breaking and unhealthy.

Well, I decided to take the leap to purchase Body Bloom, which isn’t super cheap (but still affordable) and IM SO GLAD I DID!

Everything that this powder claims to be is true. My nails are healthy and not breaking, my hair stylist says my hair is actually pretty healthy despite the bleach we’ve had to use on it, my gut is thanking me as I’m not constantly bloated or feeling heavy all day after small meals. I feel like my sleep has even improved. And I’ve also found that starting my day with a glass of water with my body bloom actually helps me to drink more water throughout the day. I’ve even given up drinking coffee as much... which is crazy, if you know me well.

There’s nothing I dislike about this product. I can’t praise it enough!

Get it at under the Sarah's Day Collection!

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