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Spring Cleaning: But Wait! It's Winter

Let's see if we had the same childhood. It's a beautiful spring morning — the first golden rays of sunlight cast a dewy glow on the ground, birds singing, and the air smells fresh. Perhaps you're eager to start the day and run to your closest friend's house to do whatever wild thing you can cook up. Maybe that wild thing is simply walking around the neighborhood taking in the new season. But, imagine you wake up, ready to face the day and that's when you hear it — the dreaded gospel music blasting through the house, it's only 7 am and that's when it hits you: it's spring. And spring can mean only one thing in a household like this: cleaning time.

Maybe your parents didn't play gospel music, but I think we've all had the dreaded (or welcome) spring-cleaning morning. Spring finally blooms and it seems households all over come alive with it. Even though you're itching to get outside, your parents wait for you just outside your room, fabuloso and vacuum in hand.

I don't mind spring cleaning now that I'm older, but this blog actually isn't about that at all. In fact, with winter fast approaching, it's time to talk about the deep clean that should come hand in hand with dark, cold days.

Now, I know deep cleaning might be the last thing on your mind with holidays right around the corner, but it's surprisingly beneficial to your mental health. As we know, winter is often the harbinger of seasonal depression. With that threat looming around the corner, it's important to focus on anything that will minimize its impact.

Having a clean and healthy space surrounding you is important for your mental and physical health. If your space manages to match the wintery outside, then you might run the risk of adding to your seasonal depression. With the air changing to become dry and cold, dust builds up far easier than normal: which is utter hell if you have allergies or any other health issues. I could sit here and tell you exactly how to deep clean your house, but instead, I'd like to focus on a different method: Decluttering.


Decluttering Methods...

Usually decluttering comes with the typical deep clean, but intensive and rewarding decluttering is done separately. Note that this shouldn't feel like a stressful activity for you. Each room you approach should be done while you're calm. Try not to let your thoughts run rampant and instead focus on the here and now. Looking at your space through a non-judgmental lens is fundamental in keeping this process joyful and productive. Taking the time to sit down and enjoy the clean space around you as you declutter can be pivotal for your mental health as it allows you to focus on happier thoughts.

Decluttering your space allows your home and you to be more comfortable. If you're struggling to be non-judgmental towards yourself during this time, don't be afraid to take a step back. None of this has to be done immediately — just do it at your own pace. You can always journal to get you back in a healthier mindset regarding your space and reflect on how everything in it makes you feel. Soothing music can also aid you during decluttering as well as practicing stress-reducing yoga poses.

Another decluttering approach you can take during this time focuses more on sustainability. If you struggle with guilt over throwing items out or search for sustainable methods in your everyday life, then consider donating or recycling your 'clutter'. With it being winter, plenty of organizations run food and clothing drives. Everything that you feel is no longer serving you, might be a wonderful donation to those in need. Having the joy of a new clean space in addition to doing something that feels rewarding is bound to make you feel better this winter (even if it's just slightly, a win is a win).

Cleaning isn't always easy, but if it combats your seasonal depression, or helps your physical health in even the slightest of ways, then it's worth it. Your home is a reflection of you, and taking care of it is its own form of self-care.


And lastly, for my spiritual friends (and curious eyes) below are some crystals you can place around your newly cleaned home to keep your energy healthy, positive, and protected.

  • Amethyst

  • Citrine

  • Rose Quartz

  • Lapis Lazuli

  • Black Tourmaline

There are plenty of others, but these are some that I like. You can check them out here:


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