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Weekly Keys Journal Entry- "Write about an experience you had when you lost track of time."

"Write about an experience you had when you lost track of time. What did you take away from it?"

This is why I lovvvvvve going to the beach. There is nothing like laying against the earth, toes in the sand, salt on my lips, and sun on my skin. I believe the beach is where I am able to use all of my senses to fully enjoy and relax. When I go on other vacations to the mountains or anywhere else, really, I feel pressed for time. I am watching the clock. I am moving, walking, hiking, shopping... not to say that these trips and things are not fun.... but when time stops and I am fully relaxed is the at the beach.

What I take away from that time the most is the need for stillness... the need for time to just do nothing. I always feel so restored and rejuvenated after I am able to recharge and just be still. No demands, no appointments, no where to be, no itinerary. It is definitely a time that I realise that we don't stop and take a pause enough. We don't put our phones away, and just scan our senses to soak it all in.

This was a great journal entry, except I am sad because I wish I was at the beach now... LOL

I am curious about your favorite experience, and what your take away was!



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