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Weekly Keys Journal Entry-Lets discuss a messy area in your home, workplace, or life.


This is such a fun journal entry. I am so excited to write on this one as I feel that it's totally relatable, and has a huge impact on wellness in several aspects. Honestly, I feel like I could dissect this down into each category... but I won't for time sake... this time. Ha!

Today, I would have to say that as we are expecting and getting ready for a baby, we have been focusing a lot on messy areas in our home so that I don't have to do this when my beach ball belly is out! We started in the kitchen and have worked our way through the house. we picked cabinets to organise, as we all have that space in our kitchen with the tupperware and lids, then I created a cabinet for Sunni and her things. We then went through the pantry, freezer, and refrigerator.

After the kitchen we moved to our spare rooms and organised them in a way that would serve our family best. Then, any places between there and our bedroom, such as drawers in our entryway of our home, laundry room, shoe buckets, and dusty crowded shelves.

Once we got to our bedroom and bathroom is when the real "fun" went down! We cleaned out our bathroom cabinets and drawers. Our dressers, plastic drawers in the closet, shoes, and any hanging clothes that we no longer wore any more.

Now that we've cleaned out all of these spaces, what we don't want is in our garage waiting fro a garage sale. I wanted to wait until late September / October to have the sale so people would actually come and it not be so deathly hot outside... but the garage is so cluttered and messy right now that it makes my eye twitch every time I walk out there!

I am glad to at least have a plan and have worked through some of these messy places in our home. Not only do I not have to do it when I am big pregnant, but it always gives me so much peace, and clarity when I clean out these places in my living areas. I love the feeling so much that I try to do a purge of each room, cabinet, drawer, closet once a year. Usually at the end or beginning of the year.

Staying tidy, organised, and clean helps so much because old, stale energy clings and stays in objects and spaces. This is why they say to not let laundry sit for long, vacuum often, keep dishes done, clean out spaces that haven't been touched and get rid of clothing you no longer wear. This way you aren't surrounding yourself with negative or stale things, smells, memories, and energy or anything else that may affect or impact your energy unintentionally!

I hope after reading this entry you feel motivated to just pick one thing and start there! It has taken weeks to work through these places and spaces in our house. It takes time. Let us know! What is the first thing you are going to clean out?!



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