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Weekly Keys Journal Entry- "What are some ways you get easily distracted ?"

Love this topic. I think this a great topic to journal about and bring to the forefront of my mind. Having ADHD, I can totally speak to this and share with you what I do to help!

That being said, I have a lot of irons in the fire. I tend to easily overwhelm myself, which becomes a distraction as well.

I become easily distracted by planning so much and committing to a lot, and then when the time comes up, I am scrambling to do it all. Then it takes away from each of the tasks at hand. If this makes any sense. lol

So, in lamest terms, planning too much and overcommitting myself causes the most distraction.

Some other things that generally distract me are my phone, my dog, chores...


Usually getting in a space and shutting the door, or assigning a work space at my dining table is helpful as far as "at home distractions"

To help with the distractions of overcommitment, etc, I have a to do list in my phone, and in my planner. The to do list on my phone is just a general list of random things that need to be done. I then take the things in my phone and prioritize them in my planner, and assign them to a specific day. Does it always work out that I get those things done on that assigned day? Heck no! If I don't get to it, I just draw an arrow to the next day. This is helpful because it doesn't lose it's priority. Things come up in life and to get everything done, with no distractions, is unrealistic. Giving myself grace and having a realistic view of this is very helpful. Writing things down is KEY!!

"Failing to plan if planning to fail."

Making a plan is helpful, and staying aware of these things helps me know what I want to do and get done, and I will get to them. Writing it down helps to keep mental capacity and create space mentally for me to take in the sweet things in life, enjoy the things I've already done, appreciate the things around me.

We all have distractions, and we all deal with them differently. Maybe what you're doing works, maybe it doesn't.

Take about 15-20 mins to journal it out. Bring to your attention what it is that distracts you and if you have a plan on how to overcome the distraction. It may be that you journal what you do, and then also journal what you would like to do in the future on dealing with distraction.



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