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Weekly Keys Journal Entry- "What is your favorite item of clothing?"

This is a very light hearted journal entry. Something to kind of take your mind off of the pressure and seriousness of the world we are living in today. I would have to say that my favorite item of clothing is a long dress. Like a maxi dress, cotton is the best but any material is fine. Here's why! If you live in Texas, you know that the summers here are humid and brutally hot.

Denim shorts are cute, but to be constricted in tight denim wrapped around your thighs and your thighs are sweating is not it. Blue jeans... completely out of the equation. I just LOVE how in a long dress you can catch a nice breeze, I can sit in public with my legs crossed under the dress and not let my thighs rub and stick together from the humidity and sweat. These dresses can be dressed up or casual.

There is no waist band squeezing around your belly.

To me, it is just the way to go! hahah

I appreciate you guys reading something that is not informative to your health, life, religion, politics, and just taking 3-5 mins of a mental break to read up.

We would love to know, what is your favorite item of clothing and why?!



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