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Simple Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Can anybody else spell banana with out singing Hollaback Girl, by Gwen Stefani??? :D

Anyways, full transparency, I have been having a hard time with cooking and creating recipes due to not feeling well lately.

This smoothie is very simple, and easy on the belly. There are even lots of options to add some goodies! I think sometimes we forget how easy and nutritious a smoothie can be, so I think I am going to start trying new smoothie recipes out and sharing more often!

What you need:

-1-2 cups of milk of choice (I used a pre-made strawberry smoothie with 30g of protein from Walgreens)

-4-5 Strawberries (Cut the stems off)

-1 Banana (Peel and chop)

-1 Cup of ice

Things you can add:

Flax seeds or chia seeds


Peanut butter

Blueberries or raspberries (maybe both!)



Simply, throw it all in together and blend.

Boom, Bam, Pow!

You have a meal replacement that is just a filling.

Please let us know if you have suggestions on things to add, your preferences, and what smoothie you would be interested in learning about!



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